In My Head Of Secrets

In My Head Of Secrets

So after countless job applications and always finding myself trapped in a miserable 9 to 5 ticking with the clock every second while anxiously counting down the hours till I can be free to go home. This is the time I used to run wild with my imagination, with my computer before me and no work whatsoever to do even after countless nags of my supervisors office offering to “help”. There was just no work for me to do as they weren’t sure a black cum laude HR graduate would be able to handle HR admin work so they brought in a white boy waiting for his Matric results to fill in for me in my “presence”.

I took the pain of being treated like I was absent and utterly useless and with my ‘free time’ I started drafting my manuscript, well it wasn’t meant to be a book but something I do to keep myself busy and not lose my mind sitting staring at my computer from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

My inner craziness emerged and I soon found myself in the shoes of this person I was typing about. Fully immersed in my main character I enjoyed my journey with the book and before I knew it my first draft was done and I diligently packed my work away as something I could look at in the future and gloat about to myself but never share it with anyone. A colleague happened to sneak into my desk and saw my writing, she delved right in and her reception of the work was overwhelming making me think ‘well maybe I can share my work with family and friends only’ that way I will be protected from all unnecessary criticism…people are harsh out there!

Fast forward to today that copy I so neatly packed away saw its way to the publisher and it was given the green light for publication- how everything will work out? I don’t know but I give it all up to God. This all came into being by an advert from the National Arts Council of South Africa calling people within the arts discipline to apply for grants within specialised fields including literature. I tried my luck and by God’s grace I was granted the funds to ensure the book makes it to publication stage- YAY….paid to do what I love? What more could I ask for.

The book is titled: In my head of Secrets. It is a Novel that deeply explores the life of a poor young girl who grows up with her mother whom she later finds out that is a prostitute and also her abusive stepfather who cares less about her but maltreats her mother in front of her. At the other end, the poor young Portia is a brilliant school girl who works her way up to getting a scholarship to New-Zealand – as to what happens next, it’s for you to find out. In my head of secrets is one of South Africa’s greatly narrated novel with an enormous surplus of suspension and a mind awakening painful story in the book.

I hope the world will enjoy this read and relate with the main character.







In My Head Of Secrets (Paperback)

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