The Investigations of the Para-Usual

The Investigations of the Para-Usual


A maverick professor believes he is on the verge of discovering all of life’s remaining unsolved mysteries. But the pursuit of omniscience – what professor Breville O’Singh believes is a force for good – turns out to threaten the very existence of the planet. Unleashed is the self-interests of the Government, big business, the media, academia. The problem is, he has what others seek to manipulate for their own considerable gains – knowledge

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Paul Angliss
I'm a budding organic baboon farmer and fifth member of a Beatles tribute band.

I’m also a keen traveller and an adventurous eater. Consequently, I’ve been incontinent in five continents. I am a father and a swimmer, proof that the mankini supports but doesn’t restrict. Ideas-wise, I’m inspired mostly by the wit and invention of Woody Allen and Monty Python. Attaining an original voice and writing something that an audience hasn’t seen before are my aims. In my writing capacity, I was dubbed once, 'The Bard of Stratford, near Clapton.'

Best moments so far in 28 years of writing have been winning a national competition for best comedy short film and working on a sitcom idea with Andrew Gillman, director of The Day Today.

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