Italian Getaway

Italian Getaway

A Renee and Rick Marshal Vacation Adventure

Slip away from mundane reality to a pastoral Umbrian getaway. Recharge those depleted batteries with Renee and Rick Marshal. Their planned escape though shifts to distress and danger when Renee is compelled to make a pledge to a dying friar. The pledge enlists her in a secret mission. A mission to deliver an ancient religious relic to the Pope. She discovers that it has miraculous powers. Powers that force her to re-examine her lost faith. Anxiety and tension intensifies as her hallowed mission puts them at cross-purposes with the Carabinieri, the Catholic Church, and the mafia.

Italian Getaway is one in a series of adventure romance stories about Rick and Renee Marshal. These semi-retired couple, he an art security expert and art dealer and she a culinary expert and author are southern California natives that have achieved a comfortable status in live. They travel extensively, typically on short getaway vacations. Invariably the getaways turn from well-planned leisure times to adventures of one sort or another. These getaway stories are designed to entertain and delight. Join Rick and Renee in Kauai Getaway and Morro Bay Getaway.






Allan Greenbrier on Linkedin
Allan Greenbrier

Glad you could take a moment. They call me Allan. I am from southern California and still there, now in San Diego. My first entrepreneurial venture was with my best friend. We started a surfboard company, KeDa Surfboards. We sold a lot of boards. With money in our jeans, we bought cars, and discovered girls. That was the end of KeDa.

From there I journeyed into science and technology writing for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. In many ways, the regulatory approval of products is essentially the art of bringing boring data sets to life. Demonstrating the value of the product by making the information readable, engaging, entertaining, and connected to real people wins approvals. Success in that art has earned me the freedom to chase the art of fictional story telling. I love it.


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