JAZZ: America’s Gift

Jazz: America’s Gift: From Its Birth to George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue & Beyond

By (author): Richie Gerber

An Innovative Look at the Defining Moments of Jazz

Music is both a unifying force and a deeply personal expression of the self. Over the millennia, melody and lyrics have served as a multilayered mode of storytelling and expression of joy, sorrow, and hope. For America, no other musical style is quite so adept at this than jazz. Jazz: America’s Gift delves into the rich and storied history of American jazz—from its roots in early American folk song and the blues into the sound and splendor of the Jazz Age. Not just another history book, Jazz: America’s Gift is a unique and engaging exploration of the musical styles, traditions, innovations, and incredible talents that shaped jazz, and exposes how jazz itself shaped America’s history, bringing the country closer together.

No figure embodies the mood and music of this time like George Gershwin, a Jewish-American musical dynamo whose Rhapsody in Blue would become one of the most widely known compositions to come out of this time. Using song titles as markers along the path of Gershwin’s life, author Richie Gerber tells the evocative, often joyous, and sometimes heart-wrenching story of this often misunderstood genius. Gershwin’s life story is elegantly framed within the larger narrative of the rise of jazz music, with an attention to detail that makes the words leap off the page and music sound in your ears.

Jazz: America’s Gift is the perfect marriage between Miguel Covarrubias’s artwork and the colorful history of the Jazz Age. The interplay of Gerber’s words and Covarrubias’s images gives each page a rhythm all its own. . . . Who could ask for anything more?

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JAZZ: America’s Gift

From Its Birth to George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue & Beyond

Jazz: America’s Gift: From Its Birth to George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue & Beyond (Paperback)

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Richie Gerber

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