Jimmy’s Unrequited Love

Gem was unhappy. But she remembered times when she was happy. Those were times when she had had the man of her dreams. He was everything to her and he had given her love like she had never had it before. She thought this love was going to last forever, but then she got pregnant and that changed everything. He had previously told her he didn’t want a child, but she had thought that once he found out, his love for her would prevail and they would be happy forever. But she was wrong. Now fifteen years later he was back and he told her that in order for everything to be as they previously were, she would have to correct the mistake she had made in the past. Gem was now obsessed with him and was now willing to do whatever it took to get him back into her life, even if it meant committing the ultimate crime.

When the letter came, it was the happiest day of Jimmy’s life. This was something he had been waiting for ever since his mother had started her sponsorship of him. She was in Canada. Up until two years ago, he had known only what his grandmother had told him about her and they weren’t anything good. He was told that she had abandoned him at the age of 6 months, and since then she had not gotten in touch with anyone to find out whether he was dead or alive. Then two years ago she had started writing to him. His Grandmother was surprised;

she did not know what had gotten into her daughter. Then it had stopped as abruptly as it had begun.

Then, she had sent him a few things that he had so badly needed, like pants, shirts shoes, socks and brief; she had sent a

few dollars too, and just when he was getting used to being pampered with good things, it had suddenly changed. For another year after that, if she were alive or dead, no one in that district knew.

He could read and write well and he had written letters upon letters to the address she had sent them when she had started writing, but no answer was received. And then six months ago, she started writing again, this time she was talking sponsorship; Jimmy would be going to Canada.

Prior to receiving the documents, he had had to talk to his mother on one occasion about sending some money to do his medical, but the conversation he had had with her had then ended on a sour note, and he wasn’t too sure whether or not she would be sending it.

When he went home that night, his grandmother gave him his dinner but seeing the sad look on his face she had asked what was wrong. He was sitting in what was the bedroom as well the dining room of a one-room house.  He told her.

“I don’t have a good feeling about this you know, son,” his grandmother had said to him.


Earl Thompson
Earl Thompson was born in Jamaica. He has been writing since he was a kid. He has written and published four novels. He has won numerous awards for poetry writing. He also writes lyrics and screenplay. He is presently living in New Jersey.

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