Kalapati: A Novel About Life

By (author): Frans van Liempt

Sometimes we hear a story and we think “This will only happen to others”. So did I. How wrong I was!
This true story tells how I started a business in the Philippines. My best friend wasn’t willing to help and my partner also left me after he stole a lot of money. Being all alone, some people I needed took advantage of the fact that I didn’t have a clue about local rules and regulations. In the end, I eventually went bankrupt and lost all I had. There was one last step to take but even there I also failed. Then I met some wonderful, caring people who helped me to get my life back on track again.

This is my story.

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Kalapati: A Novel About Life (Paperback)

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Frans van Liempt on Blogger
Frans van Liempt
Born in the Netherlands in the small city of Haarlem on July 17, 1956. Finished high school but didn't want to study. I started working in an office for social welfare. After about 13 years I resigned to start working as freelance photographer. In a hospital I worked as photographer. This was for one year only and I decided to start studying nursing. Just before finishing I stopped because I felt I did not fit in the structure of hospitals. Now I started working as caregiver in home care which was very satisfying. Not only did I not fit in the hospital culture; I also felt I did not really fit in the Western world. In 2007 I moved to the Philippines. The first few years were good but 2014 was a disaster for several reasons and I came to the point that I didn't want to go on anymore. Thanks to very helpful and caring people I got renewed strength. About that last period I wrote a novel. The manuscript won a writers contest directed by Amsterdam Publishers. They published the book in Dutch. It then became time to translate it into English. That version was published last February.
Also I had started writing blogs and at the moment I am writing a new novel, half fiction and half non-fiction.
Yes, I guess the clairvoyant was right 30 years ago, when she said "I see you writing".

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