Katie and the Greedy Dragon

This is my second book: Katie and the Greedy Dragon

In this their second adventure, Katie and Penny meet a fire-belching dragon, who refuses to share a volcano of bubbling hot chocolate.

This makes a great story, to last all week.

This second book is in paperback with 50 pages of commissioned, beautifully hand painted illustrations by Monika Suska.

About us:

Richard: Author, Designer & Daddy

Publishing this book is a dream I’ve shared with my daughter Caitlin, ever since her 5th Birthday. It was that night she asked me to make up a bedtime story instead of reading one of hers. Looking at me with her big blue eyes, how could I refuse? Writing this book has been a lot of fun, but also a lot of hard work. They say everyone has a book inside them. I now understand why not everyone publishes it :0)

Caitlin Rose: The Director & Inspiration for Katie

I am always asking my Daddy to make up bedtime stories. I thought it would be a fun job to be the Director as I would get to boss Daddy about. It was my idea for Penny (my actual toy dog) to become a real dog when Katie goes on her adventures.

Monika Suska: The Illustrator

Illustrating children’s books was always my dream and thanks to my super supportive husband, passion turned into profession. I come from Poland where a lot of giants are still hiding in the woods but have since moved to Barcelona, where there are not so many of them (probably because it’s tricky to hide behind a palm tree :0)  Check out Monika’s work via her website: www.monikasuska.com

Checkout my first book: Katie and the Giant Problem

A delightful tale of adventure, problem solving and time travel. Katie, together with her well-loved but rather well-worn toy dog Penny embark on their first adventure to solve a Giant Problem.

These adventures are made possible thanks to a very special
gift given to Katie on her 5th Birthday by her Nana.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you will want to purchase a copy of either or both for a special little someone you know. Just visit my website and send me a message. Books can be paid for by cash or PayPal.

As a self-published author I’m looking for local support and any help you can give to spread the word, either through social media or good old-fashioned word of mouth is very much appreciated 🙂

These books are independently published.

Richard Parr

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