Living in our Toxic World

Living in Our Toxic World: Protect yourself and your family from environmental toxins and reduce your risk of cancer and chronic disease

Features: Living in Our Toxic World Protect Yourself and Your Family from Environmental Toxins and Reduce Your Risk of Cancer and Chronic Disease
By (author): Janet L Black

A concise guide to help you reduce your exposure to environmental toxins. We have all seen the increases in chronic disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, neurological conditions etc. but where is it coming from? What has changed? What can we do to protect our health? If you or someone in your family suffers from chronic illness, weight problems, lack of energy or even cancer, you need to look to your environment. In the last century, we have added about 85,000 chemicals to our world, many with minimal testing or regulation. We are exposed to a cocktail of various chemicals every day without being aware of it. Even if the amount of a single chemical is not enough to cause problems, the combination of multiple chemicals plus repeated doses may be too much for our bodies to handle. The goal of this book is to make you aware and to give you alternatives to reduce your exposure to the toxins that you are exposed to daily and improve your health. I give you specific steps that you can take.
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Living in our Toxic World

Protecting yourself and your family from environmental toxins and reduce your risk of cancer and chronic disease


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Janet L Black
Janet is a retired nurse practitioner with a background in public health, nutrition, health education, behavioral health and primary care. She uses her education and experience to write health related books. She has lived all over the country and currently lives with her husband and beagles in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

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