The Love Merchant

The Love Merchant

The Song of the Sirens (Amore Mercator Series – Book 1)

Proposed Book Cover Image

Proposed Book Cover Image

“Darel Olwen, the only heir to Olwen Inc., a struggling fashion and cosmetics brand, aspires to complete Grad School soon and join his single mother Karen, run her business. All that he remembers from his childhood, through his nightmares, are a strange tattoo, an incomplete non-existent song and an unknown smell. Although he has hated love since childhood, he can’t help falling, head over heels in love, with a bluish-grey eyed girl he meets. As a turn of events reports of dead bodies of young and beautiful women being found near several water bodies , wearing the same vague tattoo that he remembers, start troubling him. All he wants to know are his connection to the tattoo, his true identity and the answers to his nightmares.”

This is the very first book or novel in the planned series of Amore Mercator, the Love Merchant Fantasy Erotica Series. Welcome to the creation team of the beginning of the journey, The Love Merchant, The Song of the Sirens. Your contributions and ideas are worth more than anything else. Do let me know your thoughts. Hesitation is bad for health but a worthwhile discussion isn’t.

I was haunted by this constant question about the difference between Love and Love Making i.e. Sex. A lot of retrospection and experiences convinced me and helped me find my answer. Love and Sex are nothing but two sides of the same coin with the right kind of desire, passion and senses. There’s no Love Making without love and there can be no Love without Making Out. This book is about finding the true salvation of Love by following the journey of a person, who doesn’t have any land, neither money nor any other material holdings. He has only one thing to give in return for his needs. Love. Pure Love. The part above in inverted commas is the proposed Synopsis or Book Pitch. Have a better idea? Please don’t hesitate. Do let me know. It’s for you and your entertainment, I am creating this.

My own experiences on my own path of Love and Love Making are the primary pillars of my strength. Porn may degrade women but Love Making doesn’t. Drawing the line between raw raunchy Sex and True Love Making is what is the aim of this novel series.

Another excerpt from the book reads, “Only when you start loving yourself, do you find yourself capable of loving anybody else.” The Amore Mercator Fantasy Erotica series is all about respecting your own choices and decisions and loving yourself. The Love Merchant is all about finding enough Love within yourself so as to be capable of loving thy friends, family and neighbors.

True Love Making can only happen if you are head over heels in Love.

Opt for Hybrid Publishing, Find a reputed Publishing House, Keep up with my Bare Essentials and continue entertaining people with the true concept of Love. Do pledge your support if you want to be a part of the team who made this actually happen. Yes,We are a team and We can do it together.

Without you and your feedback this is not going to work out. Do pledge your support and let me know what do you think. It’s a fair deal. An Excerpt from the Book reads, “She needed company. He needed a place. She had lots of places to spare. He had enough Love in his heart to pay with. A fair deal it was.”

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