Medicare Wars 2

Medicare Wars 2

Pars A & B Stuff You Wish You Knew

Waging war requires organization, attention to details, and unexpected allies. In the case of Pamphlet 2- Stuff You Wish You Knew, the Authors were able to achieve all three. We found an unexpected ally in our dedication to Medicare For All in President Teddy Roosevelt who promoted the idea in the 1912 platform for the Bull Moose Party. He, too, had given up on the regressive Republican Party. There is absolutely no way to organize your Medicare “stuff” unless you pay attention to lots of details. And this pamphlet is full of details.

In “plain English”, here’s a short list of what you get in this second pamphlet:


    • You’ll discover Original Medicare is not so “Original” anymore


    • You’ll discover Part B Premiums are going up which pits new Medicare enrollees against those lucky already enrolled Medicare enrollees who have the lower premiums


    • You’ll discover Original Medicare is really only for the very poor or super rich


    • You’ll discover Medigap is really just insurance on insurance


    • You’ll discover Medigap requires mental gymnastics to understand terms such as pre-existing conditions, trial period, guaranteed issue, deductibles, lifetime reserve days


    • You’ll discover Medigap has its own alphabet soup of choices A…B…C…


        As the years pass Medicare recipients are faced with more and more ‘skin in the game’; in “plain English” that means you pay more money for less. If you’re feeling lucky OR you have a lot of money, you may feel that “Original Medicare” is plenty of coverage. If the odds are against you, you may want to buy that insurance on insurance.


        All this is brought to you by a professional who spent years in the Medicare and Medicaid HMO Industry and her writing partner, a complete novice who’s confused just like you.


      Join us! Learn, Fight and Win.

Medicare Wars Pamphlet 2 – Parts A & B Stuff You Wish You Knew: Learn Fight Win (Kindle Edition)

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Peggy Bechko
P. A. Bechko (aka Peggy Bechko) was born in South Haven Michigan. From a very early age she wrote...and she wrote... and at the age of 22 her first book, Blown To Hell, published by Doubleday, was on bookshelves and she's been writing ever since.

Since then she's published 16 novels in several genres and with Doubleday, Harlequin, Pinnacle, Manor Books, Five Star and more. She's won awards for her short story "Skykicker", optioned screenplays and placed in the quarterfinals of the Nicholl Fellowship for screenwriting, then optioned several scripts domestically and abroad. In addition she's written numerous articles on writing, posting them on the web and has her own blog at and following on Twitter at

Her book, Stormrider, full of action, adventure and the right stuff, was promoted through to the finalists of 2011 Global Ebook Awards. So glad it's being acknowledged. And thanks to all the folks who are buying their own Kindle copy.

Finally, she's taught romance writing online at UCLA Extension, has taught kids writing workshops near her home, and is developing a new course to be offer online on romance writing as she continues work on her most current romance novel.

Her novels have been published under P.A. Bechko as well as Peggy Bechko.

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