Paul White

About Me

I am a novelist, short story writer, poet and Blogger.
My writing covers various genres and topics including, life, love, crime,emotions, depression, trauma, suspense, sex and romance,

All my writing features the most important matter of all, the human condition. The hopes, dreams and fears, the self-doubt, and uncertainties that lie within all of us. These issues are portrayed through the characters that inhabit the worlds within the pages of my Novels and Short stories. They are reflected in my Poetry and various essays in my Blogs and Social Media Posts.

As for myself….well I have a warped and varied sense of humour, I love good food, good wine and good company.
I’m an ardent independent traveller, nature lover, and supporter of ecological and wildlife preservation.
My home is in God’s own country, the county of Yorkshire, England, where I live with my wife and ancient cat.

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United Kingdom