Miles to Go

Miles to Go

Miles to Go

An Alzheimer Journal

The story of an Iowa woman’s dementia and how her children moved her to a place where she could be safe and relatively content.

Most of this story is told through messages sent by email between sisters and brothers, husbands and wives, and aunts and uncles and cousins and others who crossed their paths or helped Rosemary and her family along on their journey. Some of the entries after the first few months are from the author’s personal journal, the writing of which coincided with the “Alzheimer’s Log” that chronicled Rosemary’s illness, care, and new life. Initially separate records, the documents are as intertwined here as the family members’ lives.

Miles to Go: An Alzheimer Journal (Kindle Edition)

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B.J. Smith
Writer, editor, author of the novel "Blood Solutions"

B.J. Smith writes fiction, non-fiction, some poetry and technical prose, and would rather drive a bicycle than a car.


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