Rude humour that laughs at life’s irritations






Mischieverse: Rude humour that laughs at life’s irritations (Paperback)

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Suzan St Maur
As an experienced journalist, copywriter and author Suzan helps people all over the world, providing unique, high-quality content, books and eBooks that help them get winning results from written words. She also runs a popular blogsite called www.HowToWriteBetter.net - with over 400 free-to-view articles on all types of writing, e.g...

*In-depth articles with the latest news on writing, blogging, publishing, and more, plus how to write for all types of social occasion
*The Write Way To Get A Job ... top expert tips with careers consultant Lynn Tulip
*How Write Fiction Without The Fuss ... demystifying fiction, with novelist Lucy McCarraher
*Business English Quick Tips ... common mistakes in business writing and how to avoid them
*Humor In Writing ... laughing at the sheer lunacy of the English language

Beyond that, Suzan works (as a volunteer) and lectures within cancer survivorship and services in the UK (she is a 2 x cancer survivor).

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