By (author): Tony Ginyard

A dangerous killer is loose in Philadelphia, brutally murdering pre-op transgender people, and a detective a week away from retirement becomes collateral damage. Beloved investigative reporter Pamela Downing begins investigating the case, even as her own life is threatened. The body count continues to rise, threatening everyone connected to the case.
Bryce Haddaway, Pamela’s best friend, seems to have it all, just like his celebrity pal, but her public humiliation and its fallout lead to devastation for all involved. Within 24 hours, their lives irrevocably change, thanks to broken promises, violence and a fragile psyche that comes close to the breaking point. As events continue to spiral out of control, the desire for revenge leads someone to the point of no return.
Misled stars a cast of characters pushed to the brink, turning to unbridled passion even as they find they must fight to stay one step ahead of the killer. It only takes one match to light a fire, and the thrills and eroticism of this novel take readers on a rollercoaster of emotion.
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Tony Ginyard
Tony Ginyard served time in the United States Air Force as a Law Enforcement Specialist. A native Philadelphian, Tony has spent time in Europe, California, Texas, and New Jersey. He currently resides in Philadelphia. Misled is his 2nd novel. Beneath the Surface can be found on Amazon.

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