My Mom is a Witch

My mom’s a witch! I swear she is, because one day when my sister and I were driving in the car with her, my mom yelled, “BE QUIET!!” My mom’s a witch is about a little girl named Amanda, who strongly believes that her mom is a witch. She tries to justify that the reason why she’s being punished, is because her mother is this horrible witch bent on making her life miserable. Throughout these hilarious situations, Amanda tries to prove that her mother is indeed this witch that, not only her, but everyone, should fear.

My Mom Is a Witch (Paperback)

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Julienne Holmes
Julienne Holmes (aka Julies Ruth) writes romance and children stories. She has published her books with such self-publishers as Publish America,, and, most recently, Createspace. There's not much to say about this author, except that she likes to write and read. Her favorite authors are Lori Handeland, Heather Graham, and Nora Roberts.


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