My Dar(l)ing Spies

My Dar(l)ing Spies

Inside The Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Untold Stories of the most Intriguing Spies (Inside The Israeli-Arab Conflic).

The Arab-israeli conflict is arguably the longest and most perpetual conflict in modern history.Furthermore, it also the most controversial among all other conflicts. Intelligence and espoinage played a decisive role in that conflict .Many books have been written on that conflict tackling it from different perspectives.However, one of the least covered topics has alwys been the Arab spies who worked for the Mossad. In this book ,you will read the real stories of female spies that recruited by the Israeli intelligence told from an unbiased standpoint.





My Dar(l)ing Spies: Inside The Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Untold Stories of the Most Intriguing Spies (Kindle Edition)

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