My Father’s Ashes

My Father’s Ashes: A Young Man’s Journey Through His Father’s Life

Features: My Father s Ashes A Young Man s Journey Through His Father s Life
By (author): Bruce Jenvey

Daniel Peterson’s life was all planned out. His upcoming marriage would guarantee him the lifetime corner office in her father’s firm, complete with the highest social standing, country club memberships… even golf lessons. But then the phone rang… It seems the father he never knew has passed away, leaving him a tidy inheritance. To claim it, Dan is tasked with scattering his father’s ashes, but under the most bizarre conditions and circumstances he could possibly imagine. This sends Dan on a wild, cross-country adventure of discovery… and self-discovery. As he comes to know his father, he is also forced to re-evaluate himself and all he holds dear. This is a heart-warming tale that redefines friends and family, and will leave you laughing with a tear in your eye…
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My Father’s Ashes

A Young Man’s Journey Through His Father’s Life

My Father’s Ashes: A Young Man’s Journey Through His Father’s Life (Kindle Edition)

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Bruce Jenvey
The Award-Winning author of Angela's Coven and the Cabbottown Witch Novels as well as other tales of the paranormal:

Bruce Jenvey was raised in rural Michigan with a great interest in history, popular culture and the paranormal. After twenty years in advertising, he spent the next ten years traveling the Great Lakes Region as a journalist

Along the way, Bruce had unique access to untold incidents and documentation of the unexplained. Today, he is pleased to share with you so very many of these real-world experiences and accounts, all pulled together and retold in the fictionalized saga of his Cabbottown Witches: Angela's Coven (2011), The Great Northern Coven (2012), The Ragtime Coven (2015) and other tales of the paranormal.

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