MY WAY TOO: Book Marketing And A Little Bit More!

By (author): David P Perlmutter

Hello again, yes it’s me, writing another marketing book, sorry it took so long. So following MY WAY, I’d like to welcome you to MY WAY TOO, which I hope you enjoy and from which I hope pick up a book marketing tip or two in order to sell more of your books.
Following the success of my first book WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME, and then MY WAY and FIVE WEEKS, I thought I would write a sequel to MY WAY and in this book I’ll tell you how my stories have been received by my audience and also introduce you to a number of the talented authors I’ve met along the way, together with their books. MY WAY TOO is not to tell you how to market your book, some of my tips I’m sure feature in your marketing plan already, it’s just to tell you how I market my books and hopefully my tips can help you?

Below are just some of the 5* reviews from authors who have read MY WAY!

“In ‘My Way’ David has written a valuable resource for indie authors, showing us his marketing strategies. Too often this type of book is full of hype with little information but not this one. Written in the same style as his book “Wrong Time Wrong Place” this is a no nonsense look at the hoops indie authors have to jump through to make their voice heard and get their books in front of the reading public. I’ve been at this for 18 months now and even I learned a thing or two! Thanks for this little gem of a book, David, I’m off to impliment the holes in my marketing strategy!”

“There are books out there that go into the social media phenomenon in greater detail and you may find you need to delve more deeply into it. But with this book you’ve got a walk up start and for authors struggling to make sense of social media that’s got to be a good thing.
A well deserved five stars.”

“His advice worked for me. ‘My Way’ is like a handful of jewels, scattered out in front of you. Any one of these nuggets of information can be the key to telling you what you’re doing wrong and how you can put it right, or what you can do that you never even thought of doing. Thanks, David, for giving us the benefit of your own experiences. It’s early days for me, but if my second book’s steady trickle of sales goes on building, he might have helped me to actually ‘kickstart’ my sales. Unless you’re an expert marketer already there’s bound to be something in this book that’ll work to your advantage. If you buy it, you certainly won’t regret it.”

“As many self-published authors will tell you, writing your book is the easy part! Now comes the time when you have to find answers to the awkward question: “How will I get people to buy, read and review my work?” Well. David P. Perlmutter found out the hard way. He needed to publicise his book `Wrong Place, Wrong Time’, and of course, like many independent authors, he made mistakes and went down blind alleys; but he kept plugging away, and eventually made his book highly successful. So how did he do it? Well, the great news is that he wrote it all down and has made it available to every aspiring indie author. I read David’s book `My Way’ several months ago in preparation for launching my second novel `Retribution’. I have delayed my review until now, because I wanted to see how well I could do by applying David’s wisdom to my own marketing efforts. Results: Twitter following increased by 75%; Facebook presence established; free book promotion greatly exceeded my expectations. So, five stars for `My Way’ – it really works!! Of course, I realise there is no `magic bullet’, that there is still a lot to do, and that I shall have to continue working hard to promote my books. But what `My Way’ has shown me is how to make all that hard work effective. Thank you David!”

“David offers sound advice based on his own experience of what platforms are best suited to raising an author’s profile.
My Way is quick and easy to read and a definite must for the novice indie author.”

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David P Perlmutter
My name is David P Perlmutter and I live just outside London after living in Portugal for seven years. I have written four books that have been self published on Amazon, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME which has over 270/5* reviews and is #1 in Biography in the UK and has been #1 in True Crime in America! My other books are called, FIVE WEEKS plus two book marketing books for the indie author, MY WAY and MY WAY TOO! Why not become on of my 24,500 followers on Twitter!

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