Navigating the Elder Care Journey…without going broke!

2nd Edition

“I don’t feel old. I don’t feel anything until noon. That’s when it’s time for my nap.” ~Bob Hope We’ve all enjoyed a good laugh at the perils of getting older. But entering your Golden Years without any money is no joke. End-of life planning is a difficult subject to talk about–between facing mortality (either your parents or your own) to discussing the ever-confusing subject of Medicare, there’s nothing fun about facing death and the issues that come with it. “Navigating the Eldercare Journey–Without Going Broke!” (Second Edition) can help ease the pain of dealing with these responsibilities. This easy-to-understand guide takes you from the essentials of qualifying for Medicaid to planning a funeral–in layman’s terms. Author Jodi Clock provides fundamental information on how you can maximize your hard-earned dollars to last through your retirement. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get end-of life advice you need to safeguard you and your parent’s assets. You have a choice–be proactive and protect your money, or help fund Uncle Sam. Don’t leave it exposed and unnecessarily taxed when you or your parents pass away. No matter how prepared you think you are, the reality of death is sobering. When time is on your side you can make well-thought out decisions so you can enjoy your life to the fullest and know that you will be protected as you age.







Navigating the Eldercare Journey…: Without Going Broke! (Paperback)

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Jodi Clock
For over 25 years Jodi M. Clock has worked in the ‘end-of-life planning’ industry including family and corporately owned funeral homes, advance funeral planning companies, casket manufacturers and now practices what she preaches at Clock Funeral Home with her husband Dale. She is an international speaker and expert on how to help families have a difficult conversation with their loved ones about legacy planning. Having personally witnessed the financial confusion that families endure, especially at an emotionally taxing time, Ms. Clock has centered her career on helping people to understand the options that are available to them. She currently writes and speaks about the basics of Medicaid and asset protection, how to avoid family feuds, end-of-life directives and is a seasoned expert in on pet trusts, as well as their final care.
Ms. Clock wrote Navigating the Elder Care Journey…Without Going Broke! to help people appreciate the important facts they need to know, in order to make the right financial choices, in one easy-to-understand guide. It is her hope that through personal stories, straightforward information, and family care plans which include checklists, will help people manage this process. Her goal is for everyone to become informed on options available that will not leave their hard-earned assets unnecessarily exposed, potentially saving them hundreds if not thousands of dollars, qualify for Medicaid, have their funeral expenses pre-paid therefore allowing their loved ones the ability to focus on what’s important and not have anxiety or stress over finances.
Jodi is also a huge pet advocate. She is charter member and on the leadership team of the Professional Pet Loss Alliance (PLPA), a Certificated Pet Loss Professional (CPLP) an is trained in Pet Loss and Grief Companioning. She beliefs that pets should be treated with the same dignity and respect with their end of life care as humans. When she’s not consulting or helping manage the family funeral business, you'll find her helping raise money for Furr-Ever Re-Homing Pets (a trust created to help pets be re-homed when their owner enters hospice or dies) spending time with her grandchildren, rocking out to Bruce Springsteen and hanging out on the shoreline of western Michigan.

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