Not Enough Worms

Not Enough Worms

Calvin started collecting worms two weeks ago. No one knows why. His mom doesn’t like his worms at all. But Calvin thinks collecting worms will help his dad get a promotion. Find out why Calvin is collecting worms and learn some fun facts about worms.
This is also a fun search and count story for younger readers.

[My 7 yr old son] Ashdin really liked [this] book! He was excited to search and count the worms! That was a really great idea! – Jennifer S.






Not Enough Worms (Paperback)

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Cynthia S. Graham is an avid writer. She loves writing children's stories that engage the readers with a little humor and maybe teaching them something fun along the way. Her stories are even fun for adults, so you'll enjoy reading her stories over and over again. Her favorite writing style throws in a little humor sprinkled throughout a bit of mystery or wonder.

Cynthia is a 'Creativoholic' (creative + oholic, get it?) As a Creativoholic she is a writer, public speaker, designer, illustrator, and artist (a degree in Fine Art really helps out here!).

Her motto "Take care of the more important things and everything else will fall into place".

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