Nothing Can Come Between Us

Nothing Can Come Between Us



Damn, this was my first read by Cherlina and I must say she did not disappoint. I was hooked from the very beginning, Mekiesha, was one of the wild jealous best friends that wanted everything her way. Plus she didn’t mind getting her hand dirty to do so, she was very scheming, and grimy
I can’t believe how naive Sha’Lena was after all those years of everyone especially Dominique letting her know of the individuals she shouldn’t trust. Instead she dismissed it, and still were around the individuals who were betraying her.
I’m glad Dominique finally found love because her first love was beyond crazy. She’s a real friend, and sister that sees right through people.
It sad how when one person came around havoc seemed to follow. When the truth was revealed my jaw dropped because I would of never excepted the outcome, yet the saying goes that karma a bitch. This was a amazing read, ill recommend to anyone.

By Brenda

The story is about three girls who have been friends since childhood. Sha’lena, the un-jaded and childlike one. Dominique was the reasonable and honest one. MeKeisha was untrustworthy, disreputable, and cruel. The book had several scenarios going on, but I think it was a brilliant example of jealousy among friends, keeping your enemies closer and the meaning of karma. I think it was a good storyline and had sweet characters and deceitful characters, which made the book interesting. This is a fast paced plot full of drama, intrigue, romance, sexual innuendos, and greed. Nothing Can Come Between Us is an exciting good read!

By Melanie L.





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Cherlina Works
Cherlina Works was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan. She enjoys creative writing, aerobics, watching sporting events, and music. She is the author of Jewel's Magical Christmas, and her debut novel, Nothing Can Come Between Us: Well, Maybe a Hater received the Princeton Literary Review Bronze Standard for Literary Excellence. Her sophomore novel, When The Nigga His Brother was just released.

"Always write with passion. Think of writing as a way of bringing all your hopes, thoughts, and dreams to life." Cherlina Works

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