The Nurse’s Gratitude Reboot

The Nurse’s Gratitude Reboot

By (author): Danan Whiddon, Jae Sanders

The Nurse’s Gratitude Reboot is a project between cousins Jae Sanders and Danan Whiddon. Jae, a long time nurse in Colorado, and Danan, a writer and teacher in Tennessee, decided in a Facebook conversation to spread the joy of Gratitude Journaling to those in the healing profession. In collaborating on this book, it is their hope that nurses in all fields will benefit from conscious journaling and self-care. This is an excellent introduction to mindfulness and gratitude. It’s also a tribute to nurses everywhere!
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The Nurse’s Gratitude Reboot


Danan Whiddon on Twitter
Danan Whiddon
Danan Whiddon is a teacher, homeschool consultant, author, herbalist, Reiki Master living in Nashville, Tennessee. She believes in using her gratitude practice daily in her teaching and writing. Her upcoming books and workbooks are dedicated to gratitude practice for everyone.

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