Occupational Crime

Occupational Crime: Deterrence, Investigation, and Reporting in Compliance with Federal Guidelines

By (author): Ernest C. Blount


While organizational entities cannot be sent to prison, they can be heavily fined, ordered to make restitution, placed on probation, forced to forfeit property, suffer public and stakeholder recriminations, and can be forced out of business. Avoid these unnecessary repercussions with Occupational Crime: Deterrence, Investigation, and Reporting in Compliance with Federal Guidelines. Whether you are starting from scratch or you wish to benchmark an existing program against another framework, this book takes you from legal mandates and program design to implementation and maintenance to help you develop an effective Employee Security-Awareness Program that accommodates the compliance needs specific to your organization.


We all watched it happen: the demise of a powerhouse corporation caused by the irreverent and illegal actions of a handful of employees and executives. If it wasn’t clear before the Enron/Arthur Andersen fiasco, it’s painfully obvious now: Not only do we have to worry about our employees committing crimes against us as employers, we may even be held accountable for their actions! From governmental entities to partnerships to non-profit establishments – organizations can be indicted, criminally charged, prosecuted, and found guilty of criminal conduct. If you haven’t yet heard of the US Sentencing Commission, and more specifically Chapter Eight, Sentencing of Organizations, of the United States Sentencing Guidelines, it’s time to learn.

Occupational Crime: Deterrence, Investigation, and Reporting in Compliance with Federal Guidelines clearly explains how Chapter Eight sets forth punishment for organizations convicted of federal crimes, including felonies and Class A misdemeanors, and describes an effective compliance program and other incentives that can mitigate sanctions. It begins by defining the problem of organizational crime and puts into perspective the abusive employee behavior problem. Then the book examines the price that businesses, institutions, individuals, and the nation pays for organizational crime and shows how to calculate those costs. Thirdly, it provides the tools for the solution of the problem – through the implementation and maintenance of a customized Employee Security-Awareness Program. Finally, the book provides supplemental materials you can use for program planning, records, and communications media.

In every venue, societal and governmental, abusive employee behavior and occupational crime is a costly and intricate issue demanding vigilant management attention and diverse remedies. Considering the uniqueness of each company, there is no “one size fits all” formula for an effective compliance program. Written by a 25-year veteran of corporate internal security and a certified fraud examiner, Occupational Crime helps you customize, no matter the size or type of company, a compliance program that will meet and exceed federal guidelines. With its step-by-step presentation, you will learn how to prevent, detect, and report crimes committed by employees on behalf of or against your organization.
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Occupational Crime

Deterrence, Investigation, and Reporting in Compliance with Federal Guidelines

Occupational Crime: Deterrence, Investigation, and Reporting in Compliance with Federal Guidelines (Hardcover)

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Ernest C. Blount
Mr. Blount is a Law enforcement and corporate security professional. He has served as a municipal chief of police and chief security officer for a publicly held corporation. In the latter position as a direct report to the CEO, member of the insurance committee, and company representative at trials. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner with comprehensive criminal and civil investigative experience. He provides litigation support as a consulting and testifying expert. He is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University. Mr. Blount served with the 82nd Airborne and 77th Special Forces Group (Abn). The novel, Death Is A Window, is his first and he draws upon his experience as a homicide investigator with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department to tell the tale. He resides with his wife in Florida.

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