Oceans of you

Oceans of you

They say out of sight

Out of mind

I’m in this sea, sinking below

Going to nowhere

Below these chaotic oceans

Don’t think I’m coming up for air this time

What does it matter this time

I’ve lost sight

Beneath these frantic oceans

You don’t seem to mind

We were going nowhere

You kept yourself afloat by pushing me below

I looked up, then I looked below

I’m so sorry I couldn’t save us this time

Halfway gone to nowhere

We lost sight

I lost my mind

I cried into these oceans

My pain went beyond the oceans

I buried it so deep below

It’s okay, never mind

I can’t hide it this time

It’s just out of sight

Surrounded by nowhere

From here to nowhere

Lost in your oceans

I thought that was hope in sight

Too late, I’m drowning below

With no concept of time

With no sanity left inside this mind

If only I could shake you from my mind

These endless reruns are getting me nowhere

All the wasted time

Spent grappling with the oceans

You kept on pushing me below

Until I was out of sight.

I can’t find my mind, in the middle of nowhere

Sinking into the oceans, drowning below

My heart is out of sight, my love is out of time.

Amanda Steel on Twitter
Amanda Steel
Amanda Steel was born in Bradford (UK) in 1979 and now calls Manchester her home. She always enjoyed writing as a child. One teacher even told her parents that English was the only subject she was good at.

She now enjoys writing online articles, short fiction, poetry and more recently longer works such as her novel 'While I was gone' which can be found on Amazon as well as some of her individual short stories.

Amanda can either be found sat in front of a laptop, with her head buried in book either for research or study purposes or occasionally at the cinema (to get inspiration of course).
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  1. Mary Ellen Campbell 3 months ago

    Very nicely written!

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