Ogmios – Messenger from the Light

End Times Defense Against Evil

On February 1, 2017, John received direction from Jesus Christ. He was told he will receive communication from two angels in the following weeks, and he was given direction to put their words into a book and provide their messages to God’s people.

This book is the result. The book was completed in twenty-one days, from February 11, 2017, to March 3, 2017. It contains thirty-two sequential messages from Saint Michael the Archangel and Ogmios the Celtic deity. The messages are to provide inspiration and strength to God’s people. The book is to prepare God’s people to defend themselves against the demons and evil entities, which will be unleashed in the end times.

The messages are poignant and will provide strength not only to Christians but also to those who have not yet accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts. The book provides strength for the upcoming battle against the evil forces in the end times. It also provides dictation for recipes on holy water and holy oil and guidelines for making a holy talisman and ensuring your home is a holy fortress in Jesus’s name. There is also a dictation from Saint Michael the Archangel on performing an exorcism ceremony.










Ogmios—Messenger from the Light (Paperback)

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John Michael Friedrich
John Michael Friedrich

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