Our song

Our song

Loneliness engulfs us both as I wait

So many people, but it’s you I choose to watch

When you speak I sit and listen

Has this been playing forever

After all this time

You still listen to our song

For a moment we’re bought together by our song

then it ends and I still wait

You pay no attention to time

when you glance down at your watch

Will you keep me lingering here forever?

I can’t help but listen

It hurts me too, but I still have to listen

I can’t not pay attention when it’s our song

It seizes me, holds me here forever

I thought I could wait

I thought I could watch

but the pain doesn’t subside over time

Now my biggest enemy is time

I’m forced to stay and listen

I bound to sit and watch

There’s too much pain inside this song

but how can I do anything but wait

I did promise you, always and forever

You’re still holding on to forever

I’m starting to think it’s time

How long must I wait

It’s not fair to make me listen

I’d be at peace if it weren’t for this song

It’s brings me back and forces me to watch

Let me be at peace, don’t make me watch

Don’t hold me down to our forever

Don’t tie me down with this song

They say move on, it’s time

You need to listen

I never asked you to wait.

This isn’t what I meant at the time, when I promised you forever

It’s unfair to us both to wait, to hold onto this song

Don’t make me listen , don’t make me watch.



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Amanda Steel
Amanda Steel was born in Bradford (UK) in 1979 and now calls Manchester her home. She always enjoyed writing as a child. One teacher even told her parents that English was the only subject she was good at.

She now enjoys writing online articles, short fiction, poetry and more recently longer works such as her novel 'While I was gone' which can be found on Amazon as well as some of her individual short stories.

Amanda can either be found sat in front of a laptop, with her head buried in book either for research or study purposes or occasionally at the cinema (to get inspiration of course).

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