Overcoming Daily

Overcoming Daily

My Story of Surviving Cancer

The three chapters in this e-book are taken from the memoir Overcome: A Story of Intervention, Rescue, and Redemption, which we hope to publish early, 2017

My wife, Debbie, and I wrote Overcome to describe the experiences of multiple cancer diagnoses and treatments, as well as the drastic changes they created in our lives. While most of these changes were painful trials, one of the best was how cancer brought us to the realization we needed a Lord and Savior. In the midst of our struggles, we found joy, hope, comfort, and guidance in Jesus’ teachings as we carefully studied the Bible. We found new relationships among the members of our church who taught us how to follow Jesus in these modern times. They became some of our closest friends. They advised and helped us during many difficult struggles and decisions.

Debbie and I knew for certain that without God as our Father and leader, we never could have gotten to the stages I’ve written about here. I hope Overcoming Daily, My Story of Surviving Cancer will help many readers—whether patients, family members, or caretakers—in their battle with cancer.

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Glen D. Kirkpatrick, Jr.





Glen D. Kirkpatrick, Jr. on Email
Glen D. Kirkpatrick, Jr.
GLEN D. KIRKPATRICK, JR. and his wife Debbie, make their home in San Diego, CA. They have three adult sons, Terrence, Trevor, and Russell; one daughter-in-law Carmen; and one grandson named Zion.

He is a three time, 29 year cancer survivor, living with the late effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

He enjoys sharing what he's learned about how to persevere in life, the importance of finding joy in each day, and the significance of living in the now - even in the moment.

Glen writes about overcoming life's obstacles, faith, and family.

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