The Pacific Affair – A Charles Langham Novel

The Pacific Affair – A Charles Langham Novel

The Gripping New Thriller – The Pacific Affair – A Charles Langham Novel.

Gripping New Thriller, The Pacific Affair, the first book in the Charles Langham Series.

Charles Langham stood at the lectern, looking at the large circle of United Nations members facing him behind their long, curved conference tables in the imposing hall. The lights were dimmed and the screen behind bright with images from his presentation. He was a formidable figure in an impeccable casual Saville Row blue suit that was tailored to fit his six-foot slim frame, slightly greying hair, deep brown eyes and clean-shaven face. His crisp white shirt open at the collar gave him a relaxed, cool look. Except for his wedding ring and watch, he shunned jewellery. He intended to come across more casual than formal to avoid looking overbearing to this politically motivated group. He also wanted the presentation to be the main focus.

“So in summary, I will say this.” He leant forward with both hands gripping the lectern. “You have seen the evidence throughout my presentation, irrefutable proof with photographs, videos, and scientific reports showing the damage to our world and its people. We have extinction rates that are rising exponentially with 50 per cent of the world species forecast to die out in less than 100 years. Food gluts in western countries, while children die of famine in others. Rainforests, to which we owe our every breath, are cut down for palm oil and soy plantations which we do not need.” He took a breath and looked around the hall. “Ladies and gentlemen, whilst my company buys back palm oil plantations, mines, and large farms and returns them to the rainforest, planting millions of trees, and sets up aid in famine-stricken countries to help them grow their own food and develop species protection centres, world governments need to do more, must do more.” Charles spread his arms wide as though to draw in the entire room. “To legislate against the extinction of our flora and fauna, to legislate against fossil fuels, to drive out the corruption and greed that are endemic in our world governments where some rulers and politicians live in magnificent luxury whilst their populations starve!” Some angry voices rose from the audience. Charles banged both his hands on the lectern – “Remember! . . . Remember! If you want to!” He let his raised voice stem the noise from the floor. “Remember the world conference on poverty where members of this august group and their teams arrived in their private jets, stayed in five-star hotels, and ate very expensive gourmet foods whilst hidden from the poverty around them by specially erected barriers.” He turned and raised one arm to accentuate the slide show that had just started showing pictures from the conference. “Many of you were there, of course, in the name of ending world poverty. Christ, what was spent on that conference could have fed all the kids in that town for a year!” The roar of voices once again rose from the delegates, many now standing. He raised his voice to get the attention of the room. “So I challenge the United Nations and the world leaders, here and now, to do something to stop this madness. You know my demands. You have one week to consult your governments. Talk amongst yourselves, and get back to me, or action will be taken until you do so.”



The Pacific Affair (A CHARLES LANGHAM NOVEL Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

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