Persian Dreams

Historical Fiction

Through war and peace, loss and triumph, the strongest among us do what they can to hold onto their dreams. Maryam Tabibzadeh?s rich novel invites the reader to experience one hundred years of Iranian history through the eyes of its passionate characters. Talah: Born in the late nineteenth century to a well-to-do family, she must find a way to survive after the loss of her second husband. Baback: In an era of great social change, Talah’s first son struggles with his faith as he becomes involved in a heated love affair. Nosha: Strong and ambitious, the daughter of Baback won’t accept the second-class citizenship that her country has traditionally forced upon females. Interweaving fact and fiction, Persian Dreams brings to life a culture and history that is largely unknown to Westerners, revealing a family, and a story you will never forget.




PersianDreams: Historical Fiction (Paperback)

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Maryam Tabibzadeh
Maryam was born in Darab, Pars, in Iran. She earned her master’s degree from Shiraz University and moved to the United States in 1977, where she attended SUNY Binghamton. Her short novels and poems have been published in Persian Magazine in Raleigh for the past twenty years.

She is on the Advisory Committee for UNC Chapel Hill Persian Studies and a member of the North Carolina Writers' Network and SCBWI. She published the 4 books listed below: Persian Dreams, Danger of Love, Iran, and Roya. All are available on Amazon for purchase.
•2006: Publication of "Persian Dreams" by Iceni Books
•2006: Publication of the poem “Desire” in “Timeless Voices” voted as one of the best poems by International Society of Poets.
•2007: Publication of “Iran” by Dreambooks, a Persian book of graphical poems for each province of Iran.
•2011: Publication of the short story “She Was Sitting in the Palm of My Hand” published in the book of “Across the River”. This short story got honorable mention by the Institute Poetry of Canada.
•2014: Publication of "Danger of Love" by Tate Publishing.
•2014:Publication of "Roya of Pasargad “ by Ketab Corp., a fictional novel in Persian.

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