Podcast 9 – Writing Your First Business Book

Podcast 9 – Writing Your First Business Book

Are you writing a book on Business? Do you already have one?  Did your book already made you $1 million dollars?

This podcast discovers how to write and position a book that gets you the “perfect customer”. I call this customer your Alpha Consumer. It is the customer that can change your entire business.

In this business book podcast, you’ll discover the secret formula we used to turn our business into a $200 million a year business. All by creating simple, short business books that get results. Get the secret formula and start leveraging your industry expertise to attract business like crazy.

GET YOUR Free Reports that Reveals The $200 Million Book Hack You Can Copy and Paste Today. Write Your Business Book in only one day. DOWNLOAD Free Report. bookaday.promocave.com
Write a Business Book for Sales, Marketing and Self Promotion
Discover with a FREE REPORT how we took our book and used it to grow our businesses to $200 million in sales per year. Download the Report: bookaday.promocave.com
Work with me directly to pull the best stories and information to create a page-turner that positions you as an industry leader. Spend an entire day with me to craft and tell your story. Yes, in one day we’ll finish the entire book project. Then it goes to my team for ghostwriting, editing, publishing and artwork.

Download the Report: bookaday.promocave.com


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