A poem from my book “Poetry in Motion”


When we go to bed
Down goes our sleepy head
Onto those silky pillows
In no time we drift away
In this space our dreams start to play
We have many different ones
They may be Happy, Sad or Sporty
Sometimes they might hold a message
Relating to our current, future or past life
It’s good to write them down in the morning
Of what was dream’t during the night
Perhaps the answers of those dreams
Will come to you in the writing
Asking your guide to lend a helping hand
Why you had them and the message they bring
Keeping a dream book over the years
Can also be of interest in time
As knowing that we are always guided
By the loved ones from above
Perhaps they place the dreams each night


A poem from my book “Poetry in Motion”


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P J Churchill
I am a person who enjoys life, writing and producing books. Enjoy watching sport and listening to music of different types.
I have written four books this year including just completing an autobiography of my life with epilepsy, which is a book that would help others. Have more work including fiction stories and more poetry books to publish this year and next year.

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