Politically Homeless

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Politically Homeless: A Five-year Odyssey across Three Continents

By (author): Mary Terzian

In this memoir, Terzian’s aspirations to attend college meet parents’ refusal, flaring her yearnings even more. Consequently she quits her home in Cairo to work with the United Nations (Un) World Health Organization in Alexandria. Five years later she accepts a Un assignment in Congo, where civil war is rampant. She endures the rigors of expatriation, meanwhile saving funds for her college tuition. She also travels to eighteen countries across three continents for vacation and to visit her scattered family: cousin in Holland, brother in Armenia, and new relatives there, descendants of survivors from the Armenian genocide during World War I. While she is still in Yerevan, Comrade Khrushchev is overthrown. She leaves safely and visits several countries in Africa on her way back to Congo. She returns to Leopoldville on board a plane commandeered by mercenaries!

Terzian transfers to Lomé, Togo, in 1965, but her appointment turns sour. She resigns and seriously thinks about immigrating to where she can peacefully pursue her interests. Her tenacity pays off.

– A universal struggle revealed in a personal story, this memoir is told against the backdrop of strict cultural upbringing, political turmoil, and a young woman’s love of education propelling her toward independence. – Sherry Barber, Journalist, Editor.

– Terzian’s story continues as her extraordinary autobiography, Politically Homeless – an Odyssey across Three Continents – unfolds with more adventures in her always honest and humorous voice. – M.L.Schubert, Author of The Silence and Beyond.

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Politically Homeless

A Five-year Odyssey across Three Continents

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Mary Terzian
Mary Terzian's multicultural nonfiction memoir, "Politically Homeless - a Five-Year Odyssey . . .," published by Author House in July 2015, relates the award-winning author's travels and adventures across the globe in search of a niche where she can realize her dreams of pursuing college education.

Terzian's book reflects the universal struggles of immigrants who have lost their homeland and have to re-start life elsewhere. It unfolds her extraordinary ventures into unfamiliar territory, a journey that transforms a shy and reserved young girl into an intrepid woman. Khrushchev's demise, a crocodile meal and traveling with chickens on a commuter plane are normal hazards in her life. She returns to Leopoldville on board a flight commandeered by mercenaries! Per Kirkus Reviews "Through her own story, Terzian articulates the ways in which patriarchy, culture, bureaucracy and politics challenge but never fully derail an independent woman's ambitions. An often charming memoir that intertwines personal and political histories."

"Politically Homeless . . .," is globally available in digital and paperback formats at Amazon.com and similar online stores. It is also sold in brick and mortar bookstores. Information about the author and her forthcoming activities are posted at: http://www.Authorsden.com/maryterzian. She blogs at https://whittierwriters.wordpress.com/author/maryterzian/ and is active within the Facebook and Linkedin communities.

The author now lives in California and calls herself "an imported American."

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