Raff’s Birthday

Raff’s Birthday (The Junglies Book 4)

By (author): Francois Keyser

Raff the Giraffe thinks his friends are acting strange. Then he discovers they are planning to have a party without him!
Why would Raff’s friends do such a thing? Has Raff done something wrong to make his friends not want him at the party? Read the story to find out why Raff’s friends have not invited him. Will there be happy ending for all the friends including Raff?
The lesson for young readers in this story is that we should always check our facts so we can be sure we understand things. Sometimes though, people may not tell us the truth but at least we will have tried to get the answers!
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Raff’s Birthday

(The Junglies Book 4)

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Francois Keyser
In 2010 Francois started his career as an author and authored "The Junglies" series of 12 children's books.

"The Junglies" were inspired by Francois' eldest daughter.

Francois has since authored "The Tickle Tree" another children's book which is to be published in 2016.

He has also authored a Young Adult Fantasy Fiction Novel titled "Life Within the Pages". While the novel is yet to be published, the manuscript helped Francois reach the finals of Merrimack Media's "Outstanding Writer Contest 2016".

Francois is seeking representation by a literary agent and is currently working on his first thriller titled "Omega Horizon".

He currently lives in Indonesia with his wife and two daughters.

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