How To Recoignize On The Job Alcohol & Drug Abuse

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How to Recognize On-The-Job Alcohol and Drug Abuse

By (author): Ernest C. Blount

95 ways to avoid a lawsuit! Well researched and easy to use checklists referencing: Physical behaviors. Psychological and appearance indicators. Speech issues and body odors. further,13 commonly abused drugs are identified along with sample behaviors associated with each specific drug, sample commercial names, sample street names, and how ingested.  Workplace substance abuse is on the rise, costly, a substantial liability, and a potential legal nightmare if not prevented, and if not prevented, not managed properly. This publication provides, succinct, accurate guidelines on how to objectively establish reasonable suspicion and how to document behaviors that establish reasonable suspicion and aid in justifying a mandatory drug test. Learn the cost of workplace substance abuse, why to test, types, drug detection time-frames, and how to establish reasonable suspicion for an on-demand test. Included is well-researched direction on where to find: laws governing workplace drug testing, sample drug free workplace policies and procedures, drug testing policies and procedures, training and educational materials and employee assistance programs.
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How To Recoignize On The Job Alcohol & Drug Abuse


Ernest C. Blount
Mr. Blount is a Law enforcement and corporate security professional. He has served as a municipal chief of police and chief security officer for a publicly held corporation. In the latter position as a direct report to the CEO, member of the insurance committee, and company representative at trials. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner with comprehensive criminal and civil investigative experience. He provides litigation support as a consulting and testifying expert. He is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University. Mr. Blount served with the 82nd Airborne and 77th Special Forces Group (Abn). The novel, Death Is A Window, is his first and he draws upon his experience as a homicide investigator with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department to tell the tale. He resides with his wife in Florida.

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