Reflections on a Generous Generation

Heroes abound throughout the world, from generation to generation. Although unknown to us, they are men and women who have changed our lives. Reflections on a Generous Generation is a memoir, and a retrospective of the 20th Century. Shared by a generation which was confronted by the Great Depression and World War II, the story tells of the journey, and one man’s participation in the events of that time. It also shows the interrelationships of people and events, and how the Generous Generation created the world we live in today. The story shares with you the most important ten decades in world history, the most significant century in America, and the people who embodied “American exceptionalism”-the Generous Generation. The story of Murray Stern is both universal and unique. Born of immigrant parents, growing up in the Depression, serving in the Army in World War II, and returning to build a business, a family, and a community, he was a participant in the events of his life, not a spectator. This is a book for history lovers and for the many baby-boomers and their children who have a curiosity about the people who made life in America what it is now, and the lessons to help us move into the future. It tells of success, of enjoyment and of the happiness of “doing” rather than watching. It is about the role models we can aspire to as we plan our “end game.”






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Michael R. Stern
Michael R. Stern is the Amazon best selling author of "Reflections on a Generous Generation", a story about a generation of Americans, born in the early twentieth century, who through the trials of deprivation and war, built the foundation of the greatest country in history.
Michael is a history lover. His future writing, both non-fiction and fiction, will offer perspectives on the way the past threads to the present and future, and why our past provides the guidance to understand and plan for the world we inhabit together.

Now working on a novel series, Quantum Touch, the first and second books, the award-winning STORM PORTAL and SAND STORM reached the top 100 on Amazon. and SHADOW STORM is available now. The fourth book, STORM UNLEASHED, is now available.

Michael grew up in Garden City, New York, is a graduate of Cornell University, and now lives outside Philadelphia with his family. After a long career in business, he has begun a writing adventure.
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