An Exploration of Self Through Colouring, Mindfulness and Focus

An engrossing book that not only offers the stress reducing pleasures of colouring beautiful and intricate illustrations to create exquisite artwork; but alternates with pages of techniques and advice that may help to find a happier more contented you. Why let stress impact on your ability to enjoy a fulfilled life? Being continually anxious about what has happened in the past or what may happen in the future is no way to live. That’s why this book teaches the techniques that enable you to enjoy the here and now and not worry about the ifs and maybes. You will benefit from the experience of author, Tracy Badau, who has been on her own personal journey and now she can share with you the exercises and techniques that she has learnt along the way. Accumulated wisdom drawn from years of numerous self-development courses, workshops, meditation practices and mindfulness teachers. “These years of experience have enabled me to identify the practices that have worked for me and I wanted to pass this knowledge on to my readers.” Here are a few key benefits you can gain from this invaluable guide to mindfulness:- • Disconnect from negative thought patterns that drag you down • Absorbing artwork to colour and transport you to a calmer more relaxed place • Techniques that help you live in the present rather than worrying about past or future events • Stress and anxiety reduction • The creation of a positive and optimistic state of mind • Relief from the ‘noise’ of your own thoughts • A book to turn to as you need • Not a rigid formula – discover the techniques that work best for you. Reflections not only offers an engrossing and challenging colouring experience but a template of mindfulness and self-development exercises that will help you continue that feeling of calm, positive contentment. A book that may really change your life.

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Tracy Badau
The reason Tracy created the ‘Reflections’ colouring and mindfulness book was to impart some of the knowledge and techniques she learned that have helped her to disconnect from the negative patterns and beliefs that used to run her life. She wanted to help other people on their journey.

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