‘Science the Fallen Religion’ suggests that the Buddhists realised over two and a half thousand years ago that our mind is a deluded perception system. We do not see the Universe around us as it truly is. Thus the scientist’s ‘logical’ view of reality is also deluded. Science cannot answer the ultimate questions about the Universe, because we cannot see reality as it truly is. Our deluded conscious ‘logic’ has advanced faster than our social and political ability to control it. Thus we have twenty-first century weapons of mass destruction and a political system to control them that has its origins in the stone age. Unless we all realise this and bring scientists under strict control, science will destroy humanity.



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Michael John Littlefair on Blogger
Michael John Littlefair
Michael John Littlefair. During my research, I undertook extensive checks into the historical authenticity of the background settings of the novels, particularly in Russia. I obtained much of this background history first hand during my two trips to Russia. However, much of the information that one would expect to be in the public records in the UK has ‘disappeared.’

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