Sri Lankan and Zimbabwean Memories

Sri Lankan and Zimbabwean Memories


The book is a collection of autobiographical reminiscences of the author’s life, mainly in Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe, written in a humorous, satirical style that makes the book interesting reading.
Harshini Perera, in her review of the book in the “Sunday Observer”, wrote:
“Terrence Perera, in his autobiographical reminiscences, gives the reader not only cherished memories of Sri Lanka but also his experience in other areas of globe…. For readers, the book does not merely reflect his memories, but reflects aspects of Sri Lankan culture as well…. It clearly brings out the values and cultural practices of the past…. This work is a river of knowledge that continues to flow through time!”
The book deals with the author’s early upbringing, his schooling at Holy Cross College and his life at the University of Ceylon. It also deals with his period of Articles to qualify as a chartered accountant. The book also details his family life in Sri Lanka.
He came to Zimbabwe with his family after that country obtained independence. There was in Zimbabwe a large Asian community, consisting of business people of Indian origin whose parents or grandparents had come over from India. The author and his family were automatically categorised as belonging to this community!
The book explores the personal experiences of the author in this situation. It also relates, particularly in the chapter, “The Mount Pleasant Sports Club”, of how the author overcame racial prejudices and formed intimate, lasting friendships with his Black and White colleagues.
Terrence Perera is also the author of two novels: “Hernando Villa: A Sri Lankan Love Story” and its sequel, “Turmoil at the Villa”.





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Terrence Perera
Terrence Perera attended Holy Cross College and the University of Ceylon in Sri Lanka. He is also a Chartered Accountant.
As a Chartered Accountant, he worked extensively in Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe he was the Financial Director of The Cementation Company (Zimbabwe) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Trafalgar House Group, London.
In Zimbabwe he also turned Horticulturist and grew roses, for export to Europe, in a metal, plastic-covered greenhouse of extent one full hectare!
He was also a keen Lawn Bowls player and took part in Zimbabwe National Bowls Tournaments.
He is now an author and has written four books. His first book, “Sri Lankan and Zimbabwean Memories”, is a collection of autobiographical reminiscences. His second book, “Hernando Villa: A Sri Lankan Love Story”, is a novel. His third book, “Turmoil at the Villa” is the sequel to “Hernando Villa”. His fourth book, "Unsuitable Boys!", is also a novel with a Sri Lankan background.
Terrence Perera is married and he and his wife, Myrna, have one son, two daughters and five grandchildren.

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