Starship “Apple of Discord”

This is a space opera still in progress

My name is Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi, friends call me Andrew.

I was born on August ’77, I live in European Union (Romania).

I become writer because I love the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre.

I was a consumer, I mean I read books, I watched movies and I played video games but one day I decided to create my own Sci-Fi universe.

So was born the project Starship “Apple of Discord”.

This is a space opera and I have already 7 (unpublished) volumes.

I started to rewrite and fix couple minor errors and this October the 1st volume will be ready.
Then I must find a publishing house.
But first I must edit my book before I submit it.
I have 2 major problems and these can raise the costs too:

#1 English is not my native language and I want to provide a professional translations because my readers deserve the best
#2 I am a beginner / raw-hand / greenhorn etc., so the editors will charge me more

Writing a book it’s only the half of the quest. Publishing a book is the other one. When I started to write, I thought that all I need is my imagination, good will and hard work. I discovered with horror that’s not enough. I must be one-man-army: promoter, seller and above all to accept rejections and spiteful reviews.

The 1st volume of my Sci-Fi book series has more than 80k words.
My book is also complex.

I put significant effort while I created Starship “Apple of Discord”. I used knowledge from astronomy, physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, history, geography, psychology, sociology, computer science and xenology.
Unfortunately I have no budget and I can’t save enough money.

Thank you in advance!

Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi on FacebookEmanuel Andrei Cosutchi on Twitter
Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi
My full name is Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi. I was born in 1977 and I live in Europe (Romania). My nickname is ACE977. I become writer because I love the Sci-Fi & Fantasy genre. I am active member of couple forums like: If you would like to contact me, I would love to hear from you. I personally read and respond to all inquiries. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: EMAIL: [email protected] Thank you in advance for your feedback and your support. With your help, I hope to someday achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a full time, successful writer. Take care and thank you for reading my work. Andrew

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