State of the Kingdom Address

God’s Wake-Up Call to the Sleeping Church

Every year since 1790 (during the presidency of George Washington), the President of the United States has given an annual speech to the nation. That speech is known as The State of the Union Address. In it, he discusses the greatest problems of the nation as well as a plan to overcome them. The president’s speech is one that unifies the nation and encourages citizens to work together to improve the country, as one people, regardless of party association or general beliefs and convictions. The one thing that can arguably be agreed upon by most people is that everybody wants to live in a better country and benefit from the liberties, life, and opportunity that the United States has to offer. This is a noble cause, and makes the State of the Union
Address more than simply a speech. It is a bond that brings people together under the red, white, and blue. Accordingly, millions of people tune in each year around the last week of January to watch the State of the Union live on television on all the major networks.






State of the Kingdom Address: God’s Wake-Up Call to the Sleeping Church (Kindle Edition)

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David Newby is a Global Developer, Spiritual Leader, Life Development Strategist, and founder of the REVIVE! movement, among other things. Through REVIVE!, David hopes to help usher in a spiritual awakening and revival worldwide. He is also the author of a groundbreaking book called, State of the Kingdom Address, which helps build up the Body of Christ and spread the gospel. David looks forward to working with, empowering, and/or training Kingdom-minded people who are dedicated to doing the will of God and advancing His Kingdom on earth. David's book is now available online, and has been getting some rave reviews from people all around the world!

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