Stop Reset Start: How to develop a Winning Mindset in your Team and become the Leader everyone loves to follow (Growth Rocket Series Book 1)

By (author): Santosh Kanekar

“Stop Reset Start offers a quick recipe for Managers in these difficult times and hence would like to recommend strongly as an easy read for both existing and aspiring leaders.” Dr. Mohit Agrawal, MD, Sourisseaux/Partners Corporate Psychologists, India

“The reading is refreshing, inspiring and thought provoking, impels you to act and achieve. I am sure readers will benefit enormously by following simple steps elaborated in this book.” Mr. Surish Sharma – Senior President, Glencore India

With Stop Reset Start asyour coach, your leadership will develop a winning mindset in your teams, make them high performing and get you the growth you desire.

In a world where growth in your business is hard to come by, where the competition is merciless and willing to take your business apart inch by inch, where the loyalties of your employees are fickle, how do you become an Inspirational Leader who takes your team to victory?

Stop Reset Start shows How. And What.

Before you consider buying this book, think back to the times when you have seen your teams going at each other’s throats instead of the competition. Or to the times when started your business planning very confident of delivering the numbers only to end the year falling behind and realizing the team was not together. Or to the times when you were shaking your head in a meeting thinking “why does my team not own this business? Why am I the only one always caring for this business?”

Think no more. When you buy this book, Stop Reset Start will show you the four pillars which are an absolute must to build a winning mindset in your team. Then, the book will walk you through detailed checklists, how you can bring this to reality as soon as you step down the plane.

That’s right. In a time-starved world, It will take you one short haul plane ride to go through this book end to end. You will come out of the plane clear about, not only What steps you will take but also the How To.

The book shows How To

  • Develop the four pillars necessary for a strong foundation for the winning mindset
  • Create a Workplace Culture of Growth by developing the Ownership mindset in your Team
  • Increase productivity of employees by developing a Delivery mindset
  • Build High Performing Teams by building a winning mindset
  • Make Meetings and Presentations highly productive by asking the right questions
  • Coach your teams to develop Winning Habits
  • Develop Leadership skills to drive organizational change
  • Manage the Organizational Change by a step by step business plan

You need to buy this book today because you want to build a winning mindset in your teams and this book shows you how in easy to follow steps.

Buy this book now and become the Leader everyone loves to follow.

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Stop Reset Start

How to develop a Winning Mindset in your Team and become the Leader everyone loves to follow (Growth Rocket Series Book 1)

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Santosh Kanekar
For more than two decades, Santosh Kanekar is developing high performance teams and individuals.

After working in Fortune 500 companies in various leadership positions and delivering breakthrough results, he is now consulting top Global Hedge funds and strategy consultants and, coaching Startups and non-profit organizations, on how to craft successful business plans, how to build a high performance team and how to deliver rapid growth.

In the Growth Rocket Series, he outlines the steps a business needs to take develop a winning mindset in the team, build the structure needed for growth and then, deliver rapid, sustainable growth. The first book in the series Stop Reset Start is now released.

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