(Quantum Touch) (Volume 4)

A North Korean missile launch. A naval base attacked. Does the nation face a new menace? Or is an old one taking a treacherous turn? A plot to destroy any possibility for peace moves into high gear just as the president negotiates an end to war in the Middle East. When Fritz returns from a trip through the portal, the world around him seems to have changed. His portal through space and time has proved a powerful tool. But entering it risks undeniable dangers. Even successful missions leave a trail of death. But despite the peril, he is resolved to use it to end the threat and capture the conspirators. But who are they? What do they want? Does a traitor stalk the president? Once again, Fritz Russell finds his life upended. Bombs slam the White House and wreck the Oval Office. Suspicious killings continue. Information about a secretive cabal emerges. The portal might provide the only means of stopping resurgent violence in Manhattan, Washington, and around the world. Fritz, his wife Linda, and friends Ashley Gilbert and Major Jane Barclay confront great danger as a new storm of evil imperils the globe. Determined to end the disruption to order, the men and women of Riverboro courageously use the portal to help the president bring light to the darkness of world politics. But at what price?











Storm Unleashed (Quantum Touch) (Volume 4) (Paperback)

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Michael R. Stern
Michael R. Stern is the Amazon best selling author of "Reflections on a Generous Generation", a story about a generation of Americans, born in the early twentieth century, who through the trials of deprivation and war, built the foundation of the greatest country in history.
Michael is a history lover. His future writing, both non-fiction and fiction, will offer perspectives on the way the past threads to the present and future, and why our past provides the guidance to understand and plan for the world we inhabit together.

Now working on a novel series, Quantum Touch, the first and second books, the award-winning STORM PORTAL and SAND STORM reached the top 100 on Amazon. and SHADOW STORM is available now. The fourth book, STORM UNLEASHED, is now available.

Michael grew up in Garden City, New York, is a graduate of Cornell University, and now lives outside Philadelphia with his family. After a long career in business, he has begun a writing adventure.
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