Success Requires Action

Success Requires Action: Strategies For the Entrepreneurially Challenged Author

By (author): Nate Fortner

If you’re judging this book by its price, at least you’re not judging it by its cover. One thing I’ve learned growing my company, is no one can put a price tag on success. The greatest investment you’ll ever make, will always be in yourself. Self-improvement should be your number one goal. If you don’t buy this book simply because you can’t justify paying the $20.00, you’ll never be able to pay the cost to reach the level of success you desire. Success will never slap you in the face without you first getting educated. I’m going to teach you why you don’t need money to make money! That’s one of the biggest lies I’ve ever heard. I started my company with absolutely no money, and today I have money in the bank. You’ll learn in a few short hours what it took me years to discover. I’m not just telling you what you should be doing, but I’m actually showing you how! This book is loaded with websites, phone numbers, emails, and so much more. I give you step-by-step sales strategies that have worked for me. I even teach you how to make money online. You will also be able to scan QR Codes throughout the book, allowing you to watch 30 – 60 minute training sessions where I’m actually showing you step-by-step how to achieve success for your business. As an Author, your book is your business! If you are a self-published author, then you will benefit most from this book.
Imagine you’re on the battlefield and you sense the enemy’s presence. It’s as though you can feel them watching you. Then you hear a cannon fire, and bullets start blazing past your head. The battle is very real, and as you glance across the field, you see the enemy charging straight at you. You’ve fought a good fight, and been successful in many of the smaller battles, but now a war is inevitable! Their leader is powerful and strong with millions of soldiers marching for victory. They will conquer and destroy anything and everything that gets in their way; including you. If you plan to win, it’s time to rise!
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Success Requires Action

Strategies For the Entrepreneurial Challenged Author


Nate Fortner

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