The Taiwanese Turtle and the Betel Nuts

The Taiwanese Turtle and the Betel Nuts

Once upon a time in the Island of Taiwan …

A turtle had a happy life living in a green and orange rugged field, eating lettuce and carrots.

One day, the turtle went for a walk when a truck full of betel nuts passed by and inadvertently scattered betel nuts down the road.

The turtle chewed the first betel nut. It had a bitter taste but he liked it.

So did the second
And the third
And the fourth
And the fifth
And the sixth
And the seventh
And the eighth

At night he couldn’t sleep. He kept walking down that road and some say that even today he is still walking the roads of Taiwan.

So if you ever make it to Taiwan, you might see that turtle walking down the road chewing betel nuts thrown at him by passing truck drivers.

A special note: If you ever see him, please take a selfie with him and send it to me. You could recognize him by his red colored lips.

“Who is a Hero?  He who conquers his desire!”

This turtle couldn’t overcome his desires.  What about you?

Can you restrain your desires? Delay gratification?


Is this how you wish your life to end?

Eating betel nuts thrown at you by passing by Truck drivers?

There is another version to that story …

Another version tells that a voice was heard calling at the turtle from between the bushes saying ‘be somebody’. Apparently that turtle took it to his heart and decided to be somebody and from that day on he is teaching kids all around Taiwan to be the best they can.

It is still unclear who was it that called at him, maybe his friend, maybe his mother or maybe it was his inner voice calling at him, what we know for sure is that he never tasted again betel nuts.

All roads start with the human heart, and always remember when walking on roads of this turtle that overcame his desires.

A classic Jewish motto expresses the importance of keeping urges under control, overcoming impulse, educating our emotions. It is not about military wins, and it is not about occupying a city.  As a hero is the one who wins over himself.  Overcome his own impulses and feelings.

First I wish to say that impulse and desire can be positive.  It makes us ambitious.  And as long it is not something that is disturbing or hurtful of our own or other’s happiness or health.

For example, if you have a desire that is dominating your thoughts such as:   you want more and more chocolate, you want to play just one more game, you want to watch a little more television, you stand in line, and really want to be first, you’re angry at someone and want to curse and beat him. How to act? Can you conquer yourself and your wants?

We enter the world with desires to receive, to fill ourselves, to understand better the world, to master the world, to master faith and make it all better for ourselves – we have no other thoughts. All of our desires are truly to enjoy life and in any way we look at it – this is how we are.

Sometimes in life, free ‘betel nuts’ are thrown at us, but the truth is that nothing is given easily and therefore we must teach ourselves alone of how to reach all of those desires, passions and wishes of fulfillment and the start is by GIVING, this is how to start the process of RECEIVING.

Thanks and playful regards



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Gal Orian
The author with the Banana Smile. Stories, such as moral stories have the power to shape mankind’s destiny. Some stories have survived time that are able to deliver universal messages transcending across generations. This is my story to tell… My hope is to influence and entertain people with various stories and happy Banana Smile events and attractions, and bring positive energy to all through creative media content. “Remember! The material world and all we have in it are only temporary. However, what we do for others will remain for eternity. There is nothing more supreme and noble.” Galorian is an English author, speaker, and international advisor on creative education to government, non-profits, education, and arts bodies.

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