Tao Of Modern Magic

I am Daniel James, a published author who has just released my latest book entitled : Tao Of Modern Magic. It can now be found on Barnes and Noble websites and stores worldwide. It can also be found in every other online store including Amazon. This is the first book in a series of magical books that have an excellent story, plot, characters, and teach you how to perform magic. It is a story about ethics and morals, and how powerful magic can really be. The characters are strong voices in the story, sharing their world and experiences with the reader. The story takes you on a wild adventure between different worlds and magical people along the way. It has a deeper meaning as you read, so you can experience a soul travel yourself, as you grow with the characters in the story itself. Professor Apollo is the Head Master of the School of Magic. It takes place in America, and uses the rich history found in Sedona, Arizona for magic and the paranormal. The other Professors such as Professor Ravenwolf, and Professor Merlin fight against evil forces that are trying to destroy the School of Magic, and the very soil that it was founded upon. Other magical beings help the students and Professors alike, as they battle to protect the magic that they teach, and the people who practice it. Fairies, Elves, Native American Tribes, and other magical people join forces with Professor Apollo to save his school and the students from a violent take over by the Dark Arts School, that has sent a curse against it. Evil forces are trying to shut down magic, and it is up to the Professors to defend their heritage, and bloodlines from annihilation. The magic that is used is very powerful in the story, but can also teach you how to improve your own personal life as well. It shares principles of success, healing, and manifestation as you journey into the three-dimensional world of Tao Of Modern Magic. Angels are also on the scene, serving as protectors for the school while the battle is taking place. The story has an underlying tone of the student and the reader to become brave enough to believe in themselves and what they stand for. Ultimately, encouraging the students to take a step of faith and use their powers for good. It also tells the tale of how evil forces have tried to steal the true powers of magic for themselves. The truth is that the magic was for the good of the people, and to help others improve their lives. Protection is one of the main things that you will learn, as this story is set in a civil war of light and dark arts.  I have a natural born gift and ability to be psychic and perform magic, but I also trained for thirty years as a lightworker, helping thousands of people with the very principles taught in this book. You will have an awakening when you read this about the world around you, even though you are in the front row seat of Tao Of Modern Magic. It will show you how the battles throughout history were won and lost concerning magic. It will also reveal why magic was banned or kept underground for so many years, because it will reveal the fear and insecurities of some of the people concerning magic. it was never meant for people to dominate over one another, only to dominate over their nature and their world around them.








Daniel James
This story is about life lessons, rich with morals and integrity that are communicated in School of Modern Magic. The hope in self and the hope in a higher power are principles that have changed my life personally. If there were ever a way to tell my story to the world, about what I have seen with my own eyes, it would be the School of Modern Magic. This story is fictional, but based upon life changing events that took place in my own life. The characters and their challenges were created to symbolize the beauty and power of real people that have touched my heart along the way. This is a story about good overcoming evil. Right winning over the wrong. It is a story of courage and the pursuit of dreams that we all have from time to time. This is a story of how powerful magic can really be.

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