Teilhard de Chardin: The Search For The Light In Evolution (Called into Life by the Light Series Book 3)

By (author): Bernard Fleury

Achieving a knowledge of Purpose Driven Evolution, an understanding of the importance of the human person, me, in the development of the Earth. What if “seeing correctly” is the only way for me to see my real place in the development of the Earth? What if in order to see myself completely and correctly I have to see myself as part of humanity, humanity as part of life, and life as part of the universe?

As the title Teilhard de Chardin: The Search For The Light In Evolution suggests, this e-book is a presentation of Teilhard de Chardin’s concept of Purpose Driven evolution.

As the e-Book cover illustration shows, “In the beginning was The Fire – The Big Bang” – the physical world thrust into existence and motion by The Light. All of creation is Purpose Driven.

Darwin’s famous thesis that evolution proceeds by chance, groping, and the survival of the fittest could be the case until the advent of the first human, the first creature who knew that he knew. Thereafter continuing change becomes more and more by plan. The human being begins to take charge of evolution. There is still some chance and groping but much of it is really planned trial that results in either success or failure and we try again.

God, The Light, is the architect of all that is. His will, when manifested, becomes the purpose behind everything both the inanimate, the animate, and the thinking layers or spheres – of the universe.

In this e-Book’s presentation of Teilhard de Chardin’s Purpose Driven Evolution, the author uses chronological evolution as the outline as we observe the foundations of our universe and the unfolding of the phenomenon of “Man”. The evolutionary process as explained in the Human Phenomenon, a new edition of deChardin’s The Phenomenon of Man (1965 English edition), as edited and translated from the French 1955 edition by Sarah Appleton Weber in 1999, is categorized under four parts:

I: Prelife II: Life
III: Thought, and IV: Superlife

Can a committed Christian believe in the concept (theory of Evolution)?

What does the Search for the Light in Evolution reveal about my place as a person in the development of the Earth? Read this e-Book to find the answers.

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Teilhard de Chardin

The Search For The Light In Evolution Book 3

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