Teleseminar: “How to choose and test your next book title”

Live Books and Writers Teleseminar:

“How to choose and test your next book title”

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Learn what your next book tittle should be. Not just what tittle sounds better, or cooler, but what will sell the most books. Choosing a book title is important, one of the most important things that you’ll write if you’re interested in selling your book, not just writing it.  This is why the title and even choosing a sub-title is so very important.

On this Teleseminar you’ll learn how to research, write and test your book title to attract more readers, sell more books and grow your author platform.

The Teleseminar is completely free and you’ll be able to ask questions using chat during and after the conference.

 It will be held September 30th at 1 PM PST

Jorge has is the founder of and an author, but that’s not all, he’s also launched more than 1,000 consumer goods products and worked in over 100 projects with other authors, executives and entrepreneurs helping them brand themselves, their books and their products. Learn why more than 150,000 subscribers follow Jorge and what he has to say on marketing, branding and writing.

Why Attend our Books and Writers Teleseminar?

– It’s free (always a good reason)

– You’ll learn to market yourself as an author

– Discover how to research a book title to get more sales

– How to test to see if your book name is sticky

– Why you need a subtitle and what does it need to say

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Jorge Olson
Jorge S. Olson
“I’m an eternal teenager futurist super geek”

Jorge S. Olson is the founder of He’s been working with authors for more than six years and started writing at twelve years old. Jorge writes both fiction and non-fiction books and he’s passionate about how authors will change the world.

He reads every single day and tries to write every day as well. He records a weekly podcast for authors and works with several writers helping them create their author platform. Professionally, he’s been at C-level positions in software and consumer goods companies for almost 20 years.

Jorge is passionate about art, business, change, self improvement and social evolution. He wants to live and experience as much as possible and prays to live long enough to write about it. He now resides in San Diego, California where he is working on achieving his lifelong dream of writing to make a difference, to influence and evoke strong feelings and deep thought from readers.


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