The Boy from Chopwell is the story of the Lytlefeara family history. It stretches back over twelve hundred years. It is based stories told to the author by his family and from his own personal recollections. Most, if not all the documents that would prove what his family did are no longer extant. Thus novel is written as interpolated fiction.

First of all, the story follows the family history from Viking times, the Crimean war to the Communist Revolution in Russia. Also discussed is the era of the Industrial five-year plans in Siberia during the 1930s. As is his father’s time in the British army in Italy in the second world war and afterwards. The British authorities used this family history of which Eric was completely unaware to ruin his career.


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Michael John Littlefair on Blogger
Michael John Littlefair
Michael John Littlefair. During my research, I undertook extensive checks into the historical authenticity of the background settings of the novels, particularly in Russia. I obtained much of this background history first hand during my two trips to Russia. However, much of the information that one would expect to be in the public records in the UK has ‘disappeared.’

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