The Destruction of Innocence

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The Destruction of Innocence

Features: The Destruction of Innocence
By (author): Sandra Boyle

The sexual awakening of the young Lord Duncan Gascoigne initially addresses his exploitation by the perverted butler of his uncaring mother. These encounters lead to his experimentation with, and manipulation of, other aristocratic young gentlemen, resulting in his cruel desire for sexual dominance. His experiences are in marked contrast to the gentle sexual awakening of Lady Emily Smythe. This takes place with her three close, and equally naive, young friends as they explore each other’s innocent and untouched bodies on the eve of their presentation to Queen Victoria. This ceremony marks the commencement of the London Social Season and launches the debutantes’ entry to womanhood. The ill-fated meeting of these two young people, coming from very different backgrounds, ill-prepares the unworldly Emily for the horror ahead with the cruel and merciless nobleman. Set in the 19th century, partly in the unsavoury world of the London sex and gambling clubs, and partly with the more genteel activities of the aristocracy, this tale of Victorian life is Sandra Boyle’s debut novel and will certainly leave you wanting more!
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The Destruction of Innocence


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Sandra Boyle
Being from the UK, I have always been interested in the English aristocracy, particularly around the 19th century. I always thought that the Victorian era must have been a very exciting time, with all its discoveries and inventions, but I wouldn't have wanted to have been poor in those days! Little did I realise how much research I would need for such a novel, even for the slightest things.

Before I write the sequel to my novel, I would love some feedback, so I am hoping that Amazon readers will visit my website and help me, in exchange for reading some free chapters.

On my website,, underneath the title of my book 'The Destruction of Innocence' I am posting free chapters, on which I would love to receive your comments. So far, I have uploaded chapters 1 - 3 and I would be truly grateful to receive any constructive criticism, either on the content of the novel or on my style of writing.

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