The Extreme Novelist: The No-Time-to-Write Method for Drafting Your Novel in 8 Weeks (The Extreme Novelist Writes Book 1)

By (author): Kathryn Johnson

Can’t find the time, energy, or self-confidence to get your novel written? Have life’s distractions and demands stopped you from completing the book of your heart? You’re not alone.

Every year, through no fault of their own, intelligent, dedicated writers just like you feel this same frustration and fall short of their dreams of becoming successful novelists. Because they haven’t yet learned the secrets that every pro knows.

The Extreme Novelist’s time-tested methods gently inspire and guide the writer to complete a rough draft of a novel in just two months. Originally, these techniques were developed for a popular course by the same name, taught by the author at The Writer’s Center in Washington, DC. By mastering the simple methods introduced in this book, writers of any genre will commit to an aggressive writing schedule, gain confidence in their fiction skills, and double or even triple their weekly word count. They’ll learn how to deal with real-life issues such as time management, establishing a truly productive writing environment, and getting a book written despite distractions (e.g., the dreaded day job).

Discover the satisfaction of living the life you’ve always dreamed of—as a confident, successful novelist. Become an Extreme Novelist.

About the Author: Kathryn Johnson, professional writing coach, motivational speaker, and author of over forty published books has shared her insights on the craft of fiction with other writers across the U.S. for over twenty years. Her lectures at The Smithsonian Institute, Library of Congress, and for regional writers’ conferences have inspired and empowered hundreds of writers from novice to experienced.

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The Extreme Novelist: The No-Time-to-Write Method for Drafting Your Novel in 8 Weeks (Volume 1) (Paperback)

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The Extreme Novelist

The No-Time to Write Method for Drafting your Novel in 8 Weeks

Kathryn Johnson
Next to writing her own books, Kathryn Johnson most enjoys working with new writers. She teaches fiction writing at the renowned Writers' Center in Washington, D.C., and also coaches individual authors through her professional mentoring service at

Although she has written under a number of pen names (Kathryn Jensen, Nicole Davidson, and K.M. Kimball), publishing over 40 novels, her current love is any story that combines suspense and romance--whether set in today's world or in the Victorian era. The Gentleman Poet was the first of several her novels that borrow historical events and people then invent a unique and exciting story for her characters.

Most recently, she has added a new pen name, Mary Hart Perry, and her new novels, The Wild Princess, Seducing the Princess, and The Shadow Princess have been warmly received by readers who love a mix of romance, history, and mystery. Writing as Kathryn Johnson, she recently launched a new series of thrillers: Affairs of State, starring Mercy O'Brien. Two titles will be available in 2014: Mercy Killing and Hot Mercy, with a third novel, Mission of Mercy, coming soon.

Kathryn enjoys travel, sailing, walking for exercise, her frisky cats, painting, attempting to play the violin, and bird watching.


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